Increase Productivity

Engaged and motivated employees are an essential element in the success of a business. When those employees are provided with the best tools and resources, their productivity soars! Reedy Creek works with management and employees to evaluate the business processes, recommend current technology to streamline the workflow, and ensure the expected results are achieved following the implementation. The selection and application of the proper tools and resources will enhance productivity.

Improve Communication

Effective communication is essential to the success of every organization and occurs between many levels of employees, customers, vendors, and investors. Communication occurs in many forms, including document sharing, videoconferencing, teleconferencing, voicemail, and e-mail. The selection and implementation of the proper collaboration and connectivity technologies will enhance communication.

Minimize Overhead Costs

Personnel and facility costs are among the highest costs required to run any organization. With the effective implementation of technologies, efficiencies can be obtained regarding personnel and facility space. By automating routine functions and instituting virtual office environments for some staff, overhead costs can be reduced.

Maintain Security

Based upon the “2015 Cybersecurity Threat Report” compiled by the CyberEdge Group, LLC the statistics associated with cybersecurity attacks are staggering and often quite scary. For example:

  1. More than 70% of organizations experienced at least one successful cyberattack in the past 12 months (up from 62% last year).
  2. The average cost of a corporate data breach increased 15% in the last year to $3.5 million per breach.
  3. Security incidents caused downtime of more than 8 hours for 31% of impacted organization.
  4. Mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) are perceived as IT Security’s weakest link, closely followed by social media applications.

Reedy Creek will design or redesign the network so only authorized people access data. The selection and implementation of data security equipment and procedures reduces the threats to your network and maintains security.

Enhance Customer Service

Maintaining a high level of customer service is critical to retaining and attracting customers. By improving access to data when and where needed, employees can respond to customer needs more efficiently. In addition, the ability to maintain data related to all customer service requests helps the business to analyze their current level of service and make improvements for the future. The selection and implementation of efficient customer contact and data management tools enhance customer service.

Provide Peace of Mind

Small business owners and those just starting a new business are generally involved in every function of the business including sales, marketing, human resources, accounting, and information technology. Reedy Creek is uniquely qualified to partner with you and manage your information technology needs. By acting as your IT Director/CIO, Reedy Creek will manage the day-to-day functions related to your organization’s information technology and plan for your growth. Knowing that Reedy Creek is managing your information technology will provide you with peace of mind.